Our Class Assembly

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch our class assembly showcasing this half terms work. We thoroughly enjoyed explaining the importance of the world’s rain forests through drama, dance, art and geographical explanations.

Welcome to Sycamore’s Representatives

Our class will be represented by our two elected school councillors.

Sycamore’s school councillors

Our class will be represented on the sports council by:

Sycamore’s sports councillors

Our reserve councillor for both councils is an important role. To stand in at a drop of a hat requires quick thinking, enthusiasm and excellent communication skills.

Reserve Councillor

3D Maps

We have started to create 3D maps for the 4 continents where tropical rainforests are located. Great team work and perseverance was used from our rainbow skills.

We used salt dough to represent the key features of the continents where tropical rainforests are found.
We used atlases to find key features.
Locating countries in Africa.
We found the tropical rainforests are located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, close to the equator.
Miss Yarwood, who has visited the Amazon, explained how humid and wet her visit was. This is due to the equator being the closest part of Earth to the sun hence more water evaporates and condenses causing rain.

Welcome to Sycamore 2019

Welcome to our class blog. We are really excited to start learning in Year 5! During our first half term we will be learning all about the human life cycle and the rainforests of the world.

We will be making use of our local community by inviting different generations to visit us and explain how their bodies and lifestyles have changes as well as sketching their portraits.

As a class, we will be building on how we like to learn differently. Some of us like to learn using pictures, texts or by moving around so we’ll be learning through all of these styles this year.

Keep your eyes open for our latest news on here!

We are Sycamore!

Nat West Bank teaches us about fraud and scams

We now feel as if we know a lot more about how to protect ourselves from scams and fraud.  We have also learned how to dispose of used credit cards and junk mail safely.  Do not just put them in the bin! We now know that scamming is not a thing to just ignore.  You must be aware and deal with it.

We really enjoyed the workshop about Caitlin being caught out by a fraudster. Solving the case was great fun. We were even able to make up a name for our team of investigators.  SCS (Secret Crime Solvers) and  Fighting Five were two of the names we chose.